■ Alanya

Located between the resort areas of Turkey that attract most tourists Alanya is located in the Mediterranean coastline. It is estimated that life started in the fourth century BC in Alanya, which is 135 km away from Antalya. There are no industrial areas and the economy of the city is solely based on tourism and agriculture. Alanya, with its banana and citrus production which has an important place in Turkey’s agriculture along with Mersin, historical monuments, ancient cities, stunning nature, pristine beaches and ease of access by domestic and foreign tourists is among the regions most preferred as a place of vacation.

The city, which was called Kororesium in different periods, is known as Kalanoros and changed its name to Alaiye after Alaaddin Keykubat (1200-1237), one of the Anatolian Seljuk rulers in the 13th century, took the castle. Atatürk visited the city in 1935 and named it Alanya.

Alanya lived its most brilliant period in history in the Seljuk period. In 1221, Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat rebuilt the city by turning it into a winter centre and Alanya became a base of the Seljuk navy. During this period, the city walls were renovated and Kizilkule and Tersane were built. During the reign of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Alanya was included within the borders of the Ottoman Empire in 1471 and became an important port city engaged in maritime trade with Egypt, Syria and Cyprus from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

Distances to Alanya

AdanaHatay191 km
AdanaMersin85 km
AdanaSanliurfa365 km
AlanyaAdana433 km
AlanyaAnkara552 km
AlanyaAntalya135 km
AlanyaAntalya Airport125 km
AlanyaAvsallar30 km
AlanyaBelek105 km
AlanyaGazipasa42 km
AlanyaIstanbul836 km
AlanyaIzmir597 km
AlanyaSide65 km


How to get to Alanya?

Transportation by land: Transport by land to Alanya is actually quite easy from anywhere of Turkey for both domestic and foreign tourists especially in summer when the bus services are increased.  

Transportation by air: Air transportation to Alanya is provided by two different airports: Antalya Airport and Gazipaşa Airport. People who use the Antalya airport can reach Alanya by bus or shuttle after approximately two hours’ journey. Those who come to Gazipaşa Airport, which is 42 km away from Alanya, reach Alanya after a 35-minute car drive.

Transportation to Alanya by sea: Between 80 and 85 thousand foreign tourists visit with 100-120 passenger ships. There are no ships going to Alanya from any of the Turkish ports but if you’d wish to visit with your private yacht there is a marina providing service 7 km west of the city centre. In summer there are daily ferry trips between Alanya and Cyprus (Kyrenia). Alanya-Kyrenia ferries depart at 12 o’clock and Kyrenia-Alanya ferries depart at 12 o’clock too.

Transportation in Alanya

Transportation in Alanya is provided by public buses, minibuses or cabs. In public buses, which pass every fifteen minutes, city cards, bus cards or credit cards can be used. It is also possible to purchase 3 or 6 reusable cards upon request. With public buses, you can easily visit the beaches of Alanya, Alanya castle and many places. Transportation to the villages or towns around Alanya is provided by buses and buses are available from the western garage for people who want to visit Konakli, Payallar, Avsallar, Turkler, İnce sand andOkurcalar. For people who want to go to Cikcilli, Oba, Cıplakli, Tosmur, Kestel, Mahmutlar, Kargicak and Demirtas, there are buses departing from the eastern garage.


Alanya has a Mediterranean climate so usually summers are hot and dry, winters are mild and rainy. Although there is a pleasant atmosphere for the guests coming to visit Alanya from the cold countries, the temperatures in the summer months may go above normal in July and August. Because the seawater temperature is above the normal and the sunbathing time is long, you can swim and sunbathe in Alanya even in winter.

Weather according to months

January 15 C°06 C°
February 15 C°07 C°
March       18 C°08 C°
April 21 C°11 C°
May25 C°15 C°
June33 C°20 C°
July36 C°25 C°
August33 C°18 C°
September33 C°18 C°
October27 C°15 C°
November21 C°11 C°
December21 C°8 C°

Accommodation in Alanya:

Every day a new hotel is added to the already existing ones and these hotels provide high-quality service. Apart from the city centre of Alanya, there are different accommodation options suitable for every budget outside the city. It is recommended that visitors make early bookings, especially as the occupancy rates in Alanya can reach 100 per cent during the period during the holiday season.

What to eat in Alanya?

Alanya has a rich cuisine in terms of local cuisine and it is easy to find different tastes from world cuisines in Alanya with the effect of tourism. Among the flavours recommended for tasting in Alanya region are Hülüklü Soup (Wedding Soup), Yarpuzlu Akdarı Soup, Döğme Dish, Labada Wrap, Shepit, Laba, Bumbar, Gölaviz, Fresh Ülübü Meal, Fresh Bean Meal, Mushroom, Citrus Jam, Kırtakı and Öksüz halva.

Alanya Viewing Terrace

One of the best spots for those who want to see Alanya from a bird’s eye view and from a wider angle is the Alanya observation terrace. The altitude of this area, which is organized and put into service by Alanya Municipality, is approximately 650 meters and there are seating areas and tables for a picnic, as well as buffets and tea gardens within the parking area. A magnificent Alanya view can be seen from the terrace at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, and it is one of the most suitable places to cool off on hot summer evenings, and there are also areas suitable for picnic.

The observation terrace, which is 4 km away from Alanya city centre, can be reached by following the signs from the Alanya – Mersin highway. There is a public bus service for those who do not have a private car. Alanya peninsula, Alanya castle, Kizil Kule, Tersane, beaches to the east of Alanya, Damlatas and Cleopatra beach can be easily seen from the observation terrace. Especially, it is recommended to see the night view of Alanya from this point.

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Sunset watching points

There are different spots to watch the sunset in Alanya and most of these spots can be reached on foot. It is possible to watch the sunset from Cleopatra beach and Ulas beach, which is close to the city centre, and from the high hills of the city, it is possible to watch the unique beauty of the sunset. It is possible to watch the beauty of the Alanya Castle which is illuminated by the red colour created by the setting sun in the sky behind the Alanya Castle, from the beaches in the east of the city.

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Turkish Bath and Massage

Globally renowned Turkish bath has become a culture, therefore there is at least one Turkish bath in every city in Turkey.

People use the Turkish bath to relax, rest, clean up and detox the body through sweating. The services provided include a sauna, steam room, belly stone, massage, scrubbing and foam massage, and dressing rooms and private storage cabinets for guest belongings are provided free of charge. Some baths take customers from their hotels and drop them to their hotels free of charge.

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Culture and Arts

Culture and art activities in Alanya are quite many especially in summer months and many festivals areorganized during the summer season within the scope of culture and art activities. There are many cultural and artistic activities in Alanya harbour or Kızıl Kule during the day. Visitors to the Kızıl Kule can find themselves in a painting exhibition on the tower or watch the classical music concert of an international orchestra while watching the performance of local or national folk dance teams. Culture and art activities are announced to the public through posters on the streets and on the website of Alanya Municipality.

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Alanya Gazipaşa Airport

Opened in 2009, Alanya-Gazipasa Airport is 45 km away from the city centre and is open for domestic and international flights. Gazipaşa Airport is also close to Alanya city centre, allowing visitors to reach their hotels in a short time. In addition to the cash withdrawal machines of different banks, there are also car rental offices, restaurants, cafes and duty-free shops at the airport. Transportation is provided by HAVAŞ shuttles or taxis from the airport to Alanya city centre.

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Important Phone Numbers in Alanya

Ambulance 112
Municipal Police 4448207
Unknown numbers 11880
Electrical breakdown of 186
Gendarmerie help 156
Police help 155
Health advice 184
Coast Guard 158
Water breakdown 185
Telephone malfunction 121
Tourist information 0242 511 94 00 / 0800 511 40 01 / 0242 513 54 36
Fire alarms 110

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Do not leave without trying these

When you come to Alanya do not leave without;

Visiting Alanya Castle,

Seeing  the Dim Cave,

Visiting Damlatas Cave,

Visiting the museums,

Trying rafting,

Swimming at Cleopatra Beach,

Joining a boat tour or visiting the Dim Stram Valley and eating trout and taking a nature tour in Sapadere Canyon.

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