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Alanya Boat Tour

The boat tour, which is one of the most visited tours of Alanya, allows the participants to swim and see the beauties of Alanya from different points. Those who participate in Alanya boat tour can see Alanya houses, Alanya castle, Kızılkule (Red tower), Shipyard, sea caves and Alanya from the sea. During the boat tour, swimming, resting, dining breaks and photo breaks are provided at different points and tour boats organize different competitions and animations on the boat for the guests to have a nice day. The boat tour, which is especially preferred by families with children, starts at 09:00 from the harbour of Alanya and ends at 16:00 or 17:00 in the afternoon. Those who want to participate in the boat tour, tickets can be obtained from the same spot from the area where the boats are. For those who want to see Alanya from the sea at night and experience a different activity, Moon Light boat tour is organized.

Jeep Safari in Alanya

Participants in jeep safari tour organized in groups can see Alanya from different points and spend a different day with swimming, eating and taking pictures. The tours are organized on different routes and start with taking guests from their hotels and including them in the tour. The duration of the tour is usually 6 or 7 hours. Tourists are advised to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, extra clothes, towels and follow the tour guide’s instructions during the tour.  



Alanya Horse safari tour

The horse safari tour, which is organized at two different times in the morning and in the afternoon, takes approximately four hours. The horse safari tour takes you through the foothills of the Taurus Mountains, through the forests and through the banana orchards and the ruins of the ancient Syedra castle and the Mediterranean Sea. Horse tours on different routes provide short swimming breaks. If you are going to participate in Alanya Horse tour you are advised to bring sunglasses, sun cream, water, hats and cameras.

Alanya Scuba Diving tour

The tours are accompanied by professional instructors and anyone over the age of 10 can join. Although scuba diving in Alanya is done at different points, it is usually carried out on the rocks around Alanya castle.

In the tour, which consists of 2 stages, before and afternoon, the equipment is completely covered by the organizer. For those who try it for the first time, there is a test dive in a depth of 3-4 meters and then they proceed to different depths. In Alanya, there is an especially sunken ship for diving lovers and tours are also organized there.


Paragliding in Alanya

There are a lot of places in Turkey you may experience paragliding and Antalya is one of them.  Paragliding, which is an adrenaline-laden sport, is made in Alanya at 700 meters high Yassi Hill or 950 meters high Cebeli Mountain. Paragliding without any age limitation is performed in tandem with professional pilots.

You can watch Alanya’s unique view from the air by staying in the air for approximately twenty minutes and those who wish can take their own photos or videos. For those who do not have a camera, pilots also offer video shooting. After a unique experience in the air, you land in the world-famous Cleopatra beach or Mahmutlar beach.

Paragliding must be booked in advance. After booking, those who want to jump on the same day or on a specified day are taken from their hotels and taken to the area where the jump will be performed with jeeps. It is recommended that those who wish to paraglide should obtain information about what kind of clothes to wear before the jump.


Rafting in Alanya

There are several different rafting points in Alanya for those who both wish to go on a holiday and go rafting. These points include Dimçayı and Köprülü canyon. Dimçayı Rafting: Dimçayı River which spills 6 km east of Alanya into the sea is one of the easiest rafting trails and is one of the ideal spots for beginners. Due to the difficulty level, usually, families with children prefer rafting in Dimçayı. The Dimçayı River trail starts from Akkopru and is completed after approximately 6 km. Köprülü canyon rafting: The rafting difficulty level for Köprülü canyon is 1 and 2 out of 4 and the length of the canyon is approximately 14 km. During the summer season, there is a daily rafting trip in the Köprülü Canyon. Participants in Köprülü canyon rafting tour will have a wonderful nature and mountain view and have a great time in swimming breaks.

Things to consider when rafting:

The rafting tour participants should wear appropriate clothes for the tour, use sunscreen to avoid being affected by the temperature,
Certainly wear life jackets and helmets,
No individual rafting, at least in a group of two or three,
It is recommended to follow the rules during the rafting.

 Köprülü canyon rafting

The rafting difficulty level for Köprülü canyon is 1 and 2 out of 4 and the length of the canyon is approximately 14 km. During the summer season, there is a daily rafting trip in the Köprülü Canyon. Participants in Köprülü canyon rafting tour will have a wonderful nature and mountain view and have a great time in swimming breaks.

Canoeing in Alanya

In Alanya, where all kinds of water sports are performed, canoeing is one of the rare sports performed on both the sea and the river. A view of Alanya can be seen from the sea as well as Alanya castle and its surroundings in the canoe tour which is organized for half day.

In the canoe tour in the rivers around Alanya, the participants are alone with nature. Tour participants are advised to follow the recommendations of the tour leader and not to do an individual canoe tour.

Wave Surfing and SUP in Alanya

SUP (Stand up paddling):

SUP (Stand up paddling), which is one of the most preferred activities in Alanya in recent years, is performed with the help of a SUP instructor.SUP sporters can also do yoga on the surfboard. In Alanya, SUP is performed both in the morning and at sunset. This tour, which starts on the beach of Keykubat, lasts for 2.5 hours and offers spectacular views of the Red Tower, Tersane and Alanya Castle from the sea.

Wave Surfing

On the days when the sea is wavy in Alanya, wave surfing is carried out on Oba beach and surf lessons are provided for those who wish, especially in summer. Other surfing areas in Alanya include Damlatas and Cleopatra beaches.


Köprülü Canyon National Park and Trekking


Trekking and Biking Trails in Alanya

Within the scope of Alanya Outdoor Sports, a total of 31 routes, including 19 trekking and offroad-vehicle tracks and 12 trekking routes, were built. Alanya, which is very c...

Alanya Hunting tour

Some agencies organize hunting tours for those who want to hunt during their holidays in Alanya. Alanya has many hunting animals with its geographical structure and vegetation and those who want to hunt should get the necessary permissions. In Alanya, where hunting is prohibited outside the hunting season, dears have been taken under protection in order to reproduce for the number of them have decreased.

Alanya City Walking Tour

Among the recent activities of the holidaymakers in Alanya is the Alanya city tour. It is possible to see the beauties of Alanya from different points on daily or halfday trips to different routes in Alanya city centre and to make such trips almost every day, as well as swimming in lakes and streams on the selected routes. Cleopatra beach, Damlataş cave, Alanya castle, Dim cave, Dim stream and Dim dam are among the places that can be seen in short and long walks in Alanya.

Alanya sightseeing train

The small train departing from the port of Alanya serves for those who want to visit Alanya city centre without walking. It is possible to visit many points of Alanya by this small train and since the train moves slowly, it is possible to see and photograph many points of Alanya easily.


Quad Bike Safari in Alanya:

The quad bike, which is described as a four-wheeled motorcycle, is very simple to use and the gas and braking systems should be known. Before the tour, the quad bike is introduced to the participants and they go on a test drive. The participants are advised on the requirements of the tour and the rules to be followed during the tour. Everyone above the age of 16 can participate in this tour. The tour, which is preferred by adrenaline enthusiasts and those who want to spend a different day, is made in the forests of the Taurus Mountains in Alanya and on the roads used as Off Roads. Since there will be a short swimming break during the tour, it is recommended to bring sunscreen, goggles and a hat to protect from the effects of the sun during the tour.

Alanya Buggy Safari tour

The Buggy is a four-wheeler and two-person ride and is included in the category of off-road vehicles. It is very easy to use and it does not require any experience. With these vehicles, you can see different parts of Alanya. During the tour, while passing the bumpy roads, you may pass through a puddle or a creek, the charming villages of Alanya covered with tangerine, orange pine and olive trees. It is recommended for participants to get information about the tour and what they should bring with them before the tour which lasts approximately 3 hours.

Alanya Submarine tour

The submarine tour has been added to the list of activities that can be done in Alanya with the effect of developing tourism. Participants are informed about the tour and the location before and during the tour, which can be held at six different times of the day. The duration of the tour is one hour and it is possible to take pictures and videos from the submarine window during the tour. Everyone can participate in this tour without any age limit and those who want to participate in the tour must buy their tickets in advance.


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