■ Canyons and Rivers in Alanya

Alara Stream

The Alara stream, which originates from the Taurus Mountains, is 70 km long and flows through the greenery and flows into the Mediterranean Sea near Manavgat. Alara stream is an indispensable point for rafting lovers and it is classified as 2nd and 3rd degree as difficulty. In addition to rafting and canoeing on the Alara River, there are activities such as swimming and fishing, as well as the opportunity to walk on the paths and to picnic in areas reserved for a picnic. Alara Inn and Alara Castle are also among the places to be found close to the Alara stream.

To go to the Alara River, after passing 5 km towards the direction of Antalya, you will enter the road from Konaklı town to Güzelbağ town and after 30 km you will reach Alara Inn and Castle.

Dim Stream

Located approximately 15 km from the centre of Alanya, Dim stream is flooded by visitors on hot summer days with its cold waters and natural beauty. For those who want to get away from the heat of the summer, Dim stream is always one of the places of interest and those who visit dim stream enjoy the pleasure of entering the icy waters to cool off in the summer heat. You can visit Dim Stream by public buses of Alanya Municipality which passes in front of Alanyum shopping centre or by private vehicles.
There are all kinds of opportunities to swim, relax and fish in Dim Stream, which is surrounded by magnificent nature and there is also a food and beverage service in the restaurants on stream.

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Oba Stream

Starting from the Taurus Mountains and pouring into the Mediterranean Sea, Oba Stream has been swarmed by visitors in recent years. Oba Stream, which is one of the frequent destinatiın points of Jeep safari tours, is located 15 kilometres away from Alanya city centre.The restaurant, café and picnic areas which are located on the edge of Oba Stream serve its visitors and offer a unique opportunity for those who want to relax and escape from the heat of Alanya under the shade of pine and plane trees.

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Sapadere canyon

Sapadere canyon is a natural wonder of Alanya, which has become a popular destination for those who want to get away from the summer heat of Alanya and to cool of. The canyon, which is 45 km away from Alanya, is reached after approximately one hour journey. The canyon can be easily visited by the asphalt road from the town of Demirtas.

Sapadere Canyon in Sapadere Village of Alanya is 750 meters long and there is a waterfall worth seeing about 300 meters after the entrance to the canyon and there is a natural pool suitable for swimming in the place where this waterfall falls. Visitors can also visit the water mill and the silk weaving workshop in Sapadere Village.

The walkway platform, which is designed for the guests to walk in the canyon easily, has been formed by using wooden and steel construction materials. The platform is constructed in a way that does not harm the environment and can be lifted when necessary. In addition to the food and beverage establishments, there are entertainment venues and parks for children to play in Sapadere Canyon.

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