■ Ancient Cities in Alanya

On the east-west axis of Alanya, there are the ruins of many ancient cities, some of which are built on the seashore and some on steep rocks. The ruins of the ancient city give clues about the lifestyle of the people who lived in the region. Excavations are ongoing in most of the ancient cities, and some ancient cities can be visited free of charge. It is suggested that those who want to visit the ancient cities and ruins could walk among the weeds next to the stony and rocky areas and should dress accordingly.

Hagia Sophia (Colybrassus) Ancient City

Although there is no clear information about the history of the ancient city of Hagia Sophia, which is located about 30 kilometres northwest of Alanya city centre, the historical ruins show the signs of Roman and Byzantine periods. The ancient city of Colybrassus is one of the most important historical ruins that survived to the present day and the temple with the Ionic corner head, the sarcophagi in the necropolis and the rock tomb are remarkable. The rock tomb in the ancient city of Colybrassus is of monumental value and can be reached by an 18-step ladder. The burial chamber consists of a single chamber and is decorated with eagle motifs.

Ancient City of Selinus

The ancient city of Selinus, located within the borders of Gazipaşa District, 45 kilometres east of Alanya, was built on the plain of the Hacı Musa Stream and on ...

Antiocheia Ad Cragum Ancient City

Antiocheia Ad Cragum Ancient City, located 60 kilometres east of Alanya, is built on three hills in the region known as mountainous Cilicia and 300 meters above sea level. It was named after the King of Commagene, Antiochus IV.