Ancient City of Trapezopolis

The ancient city of Trapezopolis is located in Bekirler village Boludüzü district of Denizli province The ancient city was built on a plain extending from north to south according to the geographical structure of the land. It was found that the ruins of the ancient city on the surface belong to the Roman and Byzantine periods. Since the excavations were not carried out in the ancient city, most of the remains are estimated to be under the ground. The ancient city, which was thought to have been founded in the 2nd century BC, is connected to the Carian region. In the researches, it was understood that the city established close commercial relations with Laodicea, Hierapolis and Attuda, the other Carian city in ancient times Those who wish to visit the ancient city of Trapezopolis should follow the Denizli Aydın highway and reach Babadağ district and reach the Bekirler neighbourhood. There is also a minibus from Denizli bus station to Babadağ district.

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