Bergama, whose history dates back to the 7th century BC, is one of the ancient cities that gave direction to the history of mankind, undersigned many discoveries and broke new grounds. Known as Pergamon and Pergamonos in ancient times, the ancient city was home to many civilizations throughout history. Bergama, the homeland of the parchment, the city of the inventor of pharmacy, Doctor Galenos, has one of the 7 churches in Anatolia mentioned in the Bible and is the first in achieving many things.

A great city famous for its magnificent monuments in the early ages, an important strategic position in the Middle Ages, the capital of the Principality of Karasi later became an important city of the Ottoman Empire. Bergama has a rich archaeological structure and there are many places, museums and ancient sites to visit. Bergama is one of the most visited places and ancient cities by local and foreign tourists.

With its rich historical and cultural values, Bergama entered the UNESCO World Heritage list as the world’s 999. and Turkey’s 13. city in 2014.

Distances to Bergama:

From Antalya: 497 km

From Bodrum: 336 km

From İstanbul: 458 km

From İzmir: 114 km

From İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport: 140 km

From Kuşadası: 196 km From Marmaris: 362 km

How to go to Bergama:

By plane: The nearest airport to Bergama is in Izmir. After arriving at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, you can go to the bus terminal by subway, bus or airport shuttle service which will take 20 minutes. Then, take the Bergama minibus. The journey will take one and half hour.  

By land: Those who come to Bergama from Marmaris with their private vehicles should follow Marmaris-Aydın-İzmir-Bergama direction. Those who want to come to Bergama from Istanbul should follow Istanbul-Bursa-Balıkesir-Soma-Bergama direction.

By Bus :On a daily basis from every corner of Turkey Izmir, There are bus services to Bergama. Especially in the summer months, transportation to Pergamon is provided easily by additional trips.  

When to go to Bergama

Due to the fact that it is a touristic region, every day of the year is active, the months of April-May-October can be shown in Bergama between the calm months. Bergama, which started to move towards the end of June, is quite active, especially in July and August. May and October are considered the best months for those who want to have a quiet holiday. It is recommended that those who do not want to have a holiday in hot weather prefer April-May or September-October.

Urban Transportation:

Minibuses are used in Bergama city transportation. Minibuses are easily accessible to all parts of the city and to some of the historical sites, while taxis are other transportation options.

Accommodation in Bergama:

In Bergama, where there is a choice of accommodation suitable for all kinds of budgets, holidaymakers are advised to book their places before arriving considering the intensity of the summer season. Accommodation options include all-inclusive hotels, hostels, motels, apartments for rent and villas.

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