District bazaars established in Antalya

In Antalya which is growing with each passing day, different products are sold in the bazaars established in many different points in line with the demands. Prices are also very favourable in bazaars where fruits, vegetables, textiles, nuts, household goods and many other products are sold. It is recommended that people who wish to walk around the market and enjoy the products sold should go to at least one neighbourhood bazaar in Antalya. The list of bazaars established in Antalya is given below.  

Bazaars established in Antalya on Mondays:

1- Etiler open bazaar Muratpaşa → Etiler neighbourhood/ Back of Mevlana Restaurant
2- Kültür open bazaar Muratpaşa → In the Kültür site
3-Mezil Closed bazaar Kepez → Yenidoğan District Menzil Site next to the Chamber of Driver’s
4- Altıayak open bazaar Kepez → Altıayak quarter / Varsak
5- Beldibi open bazaar Konyaaltı → Beldibi
6-Uncalı closed bazaar Konyaaltı → Siteler neighbourhood/ Police housing
7- Karaman open bazaar Döşemealtı → Karaman
8-Yurtpınar open bazaar Aksu → In front of the old Yurtpınar Municipality building

Bazaars established in Antalya on Tuesdays:

1- Soğuksu Open Bazaar Muratpaşa → Bayındır neighborhood
2- Yüksekalan open bazaar Muratpaşa → Yüksekalan neighborhood
3- Kanal closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Kanal neighborhood Namık Kemal Bulvarı
4- Kütükçü open bazaar Kepez → Kütükçü quarter 2975. street
5- Şafak open bazaar Kepez → Ahatlı Şafak neighborhood 4256.Street
6- Kuzeyyaka open bazaar Kepez → Kuzeyyaka neighborhood
7- Karşıyaka closed bazaar Kepez → Karsiyaka neighborhood Varsak
8- Liman closed bazaar Konyaaltı → Karşıyaka neighborhood Varsak
9- Yeşilbayır closed bazaar Döşemealtı → Yeşilbayır

Bazaars established in Antalya on Wednesdays:

1- Sigorta closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Cumhuriyet Neighborhood Sokullu Street
2- Yeşil Bahçe closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Yeşil Bahçe neighborhood
3- Oyak Sitesi open bazaar Muratpaşa → near Oyak site
4- Ermenek open bazaar Muratpaşa → Ermenek neighborhood
5- Sanayi Open bazaar Muratpaşa → Dutlu Bahçe neighborhood
6- Demirgül open bazaar Kepez → Düden başı neighborhood Demirgül sites 2303 street
7- Cezaevi open bazaar Kepez → Kepezaltı neighborhood
8- Karşıyaka open bazaar Kepez → Karşıyaka neighborhood
9- Şelale open bazaar Kepez → Waterfall sites Varsak
10- Zeytinlik open bazaar Kepez → Kepez / Varsak
11- Beşkonak open bazaar Kepez → Beşkonak neighborhood
12- Öğretmenevi open bazaarKonyaaltı → Öğretmenevi

Bazaars established in Antalya on Thursdays:

1- Yıldız open bazaar Muratpaşa → Yıldız neighbourhood 100.Year Boulevard
2- Çallı open bazaar Muratpaşa → Sedir neighborhood
3- Dedeman open bazaar Muratpaşa → Şirinyalı neighborhood
4- Yenigün closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Yenigün neighborhood
5- Meltem open bazaar Muratpaşa → Soğuksu neighborhood
6- Gülveren closed bazaarKepez → Gülveren neighbourhood 75.Year Street
7- Varsak closed bazaar Kepez → Süleyman Demirel boulevard
8- Baraj open bazaar Kepez → Baraj neighborhood
9- Nebiler open bazaar Döşemealtı → Nebiler village
10- Çalkaya open bazaar Aksu → In front of the new Aksu Municipality

Bazaars established in Antalya on Fridays:

1- Guzeloba closed bazaar Muratpasa → Guzeloba neighbourhood airport street
2- Değirmenönü open bazaar Muratpaşa → Değirmenönü
3- Muratpaşa open bazaar Muratpaşa → Kızıltoprak neighborhood
4- Kızıltoprak open bazaar Kepez → Kızıltoprak neighborhood
5- Teomanpaşa bazaar Kepez → Teomanpaşa Neighborhood
6- Kütükçü open bazaar Kepez → Yeni emek mah. DSI boarding
7- Altınova closed bazaar Kepez → Altınova Sinan neighbourhood Şelale street
8- Esentepe open bazaar Kepez → Varsak
9- Altinkum closed bazaar Konyaalti → Altinkum neighborhood
10- Yeniköy closed bazaar Döşemealtı → Yeniköy

Bazaars established in Antalya on Saturdays:

1- Dedeman closed bazaar Muratpaşa → In front of the Dedeman Hotel
2- Şirinyalı open bazaar Muratpaşa → Şirinyalı neighborhood
3- Konuksever closed bazaar Kepez → Konuksever neighborhood
4- Zafer closed bazaar Kepez → Zafer neighbourhood near Antkop Sites
5- Habibler closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Habibler neighbourhood Sütçüler street
6- Güneş closed bazaar Kepez → Güneş neighbourhood Mehmet Atay street
7- Cezaevi open bazaar Kepez → Kepezaltı neighborhood
8- Duden open bazaar Kepez → Varsak neighborhood
9- Karşıyaka open bazaar Kepez → Varsak neighborhood Martı sites
10- Pınarlı open bazaar Aksu → Pınarlı, Sakıp Sabancı Street 92.Street

Bazaars established in Antalya on Sundays:

1- Sigorta closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Sokullu Caddesi
2- Çağlayan closed bazaar Muratpaşa → Barınalar boulevard
3- Open Bazaar Square Muratpaşa → Agricultural District Aspendos Boulevard
4- Çamlıbel closed bazaar Kepez → Çamlıbel neighborhood
5- Yeni Mahalle open bazaar Kepez → Next to Yeni Mahalle Kepez High School
6- Pınarbaşı closed bazaar Konyaaltı → Behind the Pınarbaşı neighbourhood provincial health directorate
7- Güzelyurt open bazaar Aksu → Güzelyurt neighborhood

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