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It is rumoured that Antalya, which was under the dominance of many states, was founded by Attalos, the ruler of Bergama. Antalya respectively went under the rule of Lydians, Persians, Hellenes, Pleistarkos state, Pamfilya pirates, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Hamidoglu kingdom, Cyprus Kingdom, and Ottoman. Antalya which was occupied on April 29, 1919, by Italians, joined the Republic of Turkey again on July 5, 1921. Archaeological excavations have proven that people lived in Antalya and its region up to 40 thousand years ago.   

Being a Mediterranean city Antalya is Turkey’s fifth-largest city with a population. Trade, agriculture and tourism constitute the majority of Antalya’s economy.
Today, people from many different countries of the world visit Antalya. Antalya is one of the most important tourism, culture and history cities of Turkey with the number of its visitors increasing each passing year, transport facilities, rich history, geographic location, climate, blue flag beaches, rich cuisine in the world that incorporates unmatched, its unique ancient cities and with the ability to simultaneously be able to experience four different seasons.

Distances to Antalya

Antalya is a city built on the seashore in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. There is the Mediterranean in the south, Mugla in the west, Burdur and Isparta in the north, Konya in the northeast, Karaman and Mersin in the east of Antalya.

AntalyaAdana558 km
AntalyaAnkara138 km
AntalyaAntalya Belek35 km
AntalyaBodrum479 km
AntalyaBursa537 km
AntalyaDemre150 km
AntalyaFethiye196 km
AntalyaGazipaşa182 km
AntalyaKaş446 km
AntalyaKalkan213 km
AntalyaKaş187 km
AntalyaKemer44 km
AntalyaKuşadası406 km
AntalyaManavgat78 km
AntalyaMuğla315 km
AntalyaSerik42 km
AntalyaSide70 km

Transportation to Antalya:

Antalya is a global brand in the field of tourism and from every corner of Turkey buses, planes from each province with airport trips are organized.

Transportation to Antalya by air: Antalya Airport, which has heavy air traffic especially in summer months, is open for domestic and international flights. There are 2 different terminals at Antalya airport, terminal 1 and terminal 2. Those who want to go to the airport from the city centre can reach the airport after a 30-minute journey using HAVAS buses. Buses 600 and 800 also depart from the Antalya bus terminal and go to the airport. Tramway and taxis are also available for those who want to go to the airport.

Distance to airport:

Antalya city centre10 km
Adrasan160 km
Alanya128 km
Belek130 km
Demre159 km
Fethiye210 km
Finike130 km
Gazipaşa172 km
Antalya kalkan244 km
Kaş205 km
Kemer61 km
Kumluca113 km
Lara15 km
Manavgat72 km
Olympos100 km
Patara238 km
Side68 km

Antalya Airport Tel: +90 242 330 30 30 Fax: +90 242 330 33 02 Email: [email protected]

Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal:

Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal, which was opened on October 29, 1996, has gained a modern structure over the years. Today 20 thousand passengers per day in Turkey enter the terminal from anywhere in Turkey. A total of 60 different bus companies serve its customers at the Antalya bus terminal. There is also a total of 500 parking facilities for those waiting for passengers coming from outside the province. If you want to go to Antalya Airport from the bus terminal, you can use the buses 600 and 800 or the tramway. In the same way, those who want to go to Antalya city centre from the bus station can go for free with the bus company they come from or with the municipal buses located in the terminal. There are also tram or bus services from the airport and Antalya city centre to the bus terminal. Bus trips are organized from Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal to Alanya, Belek, Serik Manavgat, Aksu, Gazipaşa, Side, Beldibi, Kemer, Göynük, Kumluca, Finike Kaş, Kalkan and Fethiye are to every corner of Turkey. Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal address: Yenidogan Mahallesi Dumlupinar bulvari. Tel: +90 242 332 01 05 Fax: +90 242 331 01 09 Email: [email protected]

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Transportation to Antalya by Sea:

Especially at the beginning and end of the summer months, thousands of tourists come to Antalya with cruise ships and luxury cruise ships for a day or longer. Turkey travel agency organizes many tours abroad by ship and Antalya and Alanya is on their routes.

Antalya City Transportation:

Tramway, public bus, taxis and sea buses are used for transportation in Antalya. Transportation is quite easy in Antalya because there are many transportation options. Transportation to Antalya by tramway: Tramways are the main vehicles used in Antalya city transportation. It is very easy to reach both the bus terminal and the airport in Antalya by tramway, which is both cheap and less harmful to the environment. Those who will use the tramway are required to buy tickets at the electronic toll booths. In addition, the nostalgic tramway with 11 stops is used for urban transportation. Nostalgic tramway passes through Kaleiçi, Işıklar street, in front of Antalya clock tower. Antalya tramway contact: Tel: +90 242 331 01 00 Fax: +90 242 231 01 09 Email: [email protected]

How to get to Antalya

by public bus: Buses are one of the means of transportation in Antalya city. It is possible to go to every point of Antalya from the city centre and also to get to the city centre from different points of Antalya by bus. They can pay on the bus or can use 2 -4 or more boarding passes. Some of the bus stops built by the Antalya municipality have air conditioning and it is also possible to find out the bus’s arrival time, route or which bus goes to the desired destination. Contact Information

Tel: +90 242 321 84 88-89 fax: +90 242 312 71 53

Antalya Sea Buses:

Sea buses are organized as alternative transportation between tourism city Antalya and Kemer. This 45-minute journey between Antalya and Kemer is more like a touristic trip. Sea bus services are available between 07:00 and 08:30 in the morning between Kaleici Marine and Kemer Marine until 17:00.

What to eat in Antalya: 

In addition to vegetable dishes, the cuisine of Antalya stands out with its seafood dishes. Meatballs and white bean onion salad vinaigrette are the first things people in Turkey generally think of when Antalya dishes are mentioned. Antalya is a haven for seafood and fish lovers. The appetizers served alongside the fish should not be underestimated. Among the specialities of Antalya are Antalya-style zucchini dessert, Antalya citrus peel jam, Antalya bergamot peel jam, and Antalya sprinkling pastry.

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Nightlife in Antalya

With over 2 million inhabitants in Antalya, night entertainment lasts until the first light of the morning. Especially in the summer months, with the increasing population rate and tourism, different entertainment options emerge. Night entertainment options in Antalya include bars, disco, nightclubs, taverns, folk bars and bars designed for the entertainment of different countries, while outdoor concerts and beach parties are among the options. The enterprises serving for night entertainment are gathered around Kaleici, Kaleici harbour area, Lara and Konyaalti coast.

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