■ Information of Antalya

Where to stay in Antalya:

Antalya, which is a brand with its deep-rooted history, clean sea, sunny days almost all the time, blue flag beaches and rich cuisine, attracts thousands of people both in summer and in winter. Antalya, also known as the Turkish Riviera, offers a variety of budget options for those who wish to spend the night. Apart from the hotels in the city centre, there are hotel options for people who want to stay outside the city. Hotels and boutique hotels in the city centre are located in the Kaleici area. Some of the hotels close to the centre are located on Konyaalti, Kundu, Lara road, Lara and Isiklar street. It is recommended to book a room in advance, especially in summer.

Climate in Antalya: Antalya has a Mediterranean climate and summers are hot and dry and winters are mild and rainy. In winter the temperature does not drop much below 10 degrees and there is plenty of rainfall. In summer, the temperature varies between 30 and 38 degrees Celsius, but with the effect of high humidity, it feels quite hot. Antalya is one of the rare cities in the world where sunbathing time is quite long.

JANUARY 10 to 15 ° C 7 or 8 C° 18 C°
FEBRUARY 12 to 15 ° C 7 or 8 C° 18 C°
MARCH 15 or 17 C° 8 or10 C° 19 C°
APRIL 19 or 21 C° 8 or10 C° 19 C°
MAY 20 or 25 C° 11 or 14 C° 20 C°
JUNE 25 or 30 C° 17 or 19 C° 25 C°
JULY 28 or 34 C° 21 or 23 C° 28 C°
AUGUST 28 or 34 C° 22 or 24 C° 28 C°
SEPTEMBER 25 or 30 C° 23 or 25 C° 27 C°
OCTOBER 25 or 29 C° 16 or 18 C° 26 C°
NOVEMBER 21 or 25 C° 11 or 12 C° 22 C°
DECEMBER 15 or 19 C° 7 or 8 C° 19 C°


Important Phone Numb

Emergency assistance 112

Fire alarms 110

Tourist information 179

Police 155

Gendarmerie 0 243 55 04

Forest fire warning 177

Health advice 184

Coast Guard 158 Gas breakdown of 187 Tourism Information 170 Antalya Training and Research Hospital 249 44 00 Mediterranean University Faculty of Medicine 249 60 00 Antalya Atatürk State Hospital 345 45 50 Antalya Metropolitan Municipality 249 44 00 Municipality of Muratpaşa 324 68 90 Municipality of Kepez 310 58 58 Municipality of Konyaaltı 259 09 26 Municipality of Döşemealtı 421 30 55 Aksu Municipality 426 30 83

Do not return from Antalya without doing these things:

Without visiting the ancient cities around Antalya
Without seeing a bazaar in Antalya,
Without visiting Kaleici and its harbour on foot
Without taking a walk at the Karaalioglu park
Without swimming at Konyaaltı Beach
Without seeing the Düden waterfall
Without taking a boat tour
Without seeing the theatre of Aspendos and participating in a concert in Aspendos, if there is one  
Without tasting the local jams of Antalya
Without seeing Old Antalya houses
Do not return from Antalya without doing at least a few of these. 

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