■ Picnic Sites in Alanya

There are many different places where you can set up a tent and go camping in Alanya and its surroundings. Some of the camping sites are located in the forest by the sea and some are on the slopes of the high mountains. It is possible to camp with peace of mind in these areas without any security risk, as well as with electricity, restaurant, shower, toilet and internet services.

Incekum Beach and picnic area

İncekum beach, which is located on the edge of a pineland about 25 km west of Alanya, is approximately 2 km long and has a fine golden sandy structure. There are also areas suitable for camping and picnic around the İncekum picnic area where sea and forest are intertwined. There is no charge for the entrance to İncekum beach where transportation is available with buses or taxis departing from Alanya city centre. Shower and toilet service within the beach is provided free of charge, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for a fee. Incekum beach is one of the most visited beaches for new swimmers and families with children.

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Picnic Sites in Alanya

There is more than one spot in Alanya to spend a day with nature, to have fresh air and plenty of oxygen and to have a picnic at the same time. Controlled fire for the barbecues is also permitted in some of these places. Located in the north of Alanya, Kızılalan is an ideal place for a picnic. You can bring your own barbecues to this area which is 30 km away from Alanya or you can get it from the picnic area for a low fee. Incekum Picnic Area, which is located in Alanya by the sea and among the pine trees, is an ideal spot for a picnic and swimming. Located 20 km from the city centre of Alanya, you can visit this area easily by your own car or by minibus departing from the city centre.  

It is very important to comply with the rules in picnic areas and it is recommended that picnickers be sensitive to environmental pollution. Another important issue is that the fires burned in the picnic area should be completely extinguished before leaving the picnic area in order not to cause a fire.   

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