Adana Sabanci Mosque

Opened to service in 1998, the mosque was built on an area of 52600 square meters. In the mosque, which became the symbol of Adana, 28500 people can worship at the same time. The mosque, which has very important numerical features, the 4 half domes symbolizes the 4 Caliphs and the 4 religious sects, 5 domes symbolizes the 5 conditions of Islam, the 6 minarets symbolize the 6 conditions of faith, 28 domes in the courtyard symbolizes the 28 prophets named in the Qur’an, 40 windows in the main dome symbolizes the age 40 in which Muhammad became the prophet and 6 minarets of 99 meter high symbolizes the 99 names of Allah.

The minarets of the mosque were made of concrete obtained by mixing white cement and ivory-coloured crushed material. The central radio broadcast within the mosque, broadcast preachers to 275 mosques in a 60 km circle with a central broadcast system. The artefacts in the mosque were drawn and made in a similar style to those found in Ottoman mosques.

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