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ountaineering, which has become particularly popular in recent years, has the opportunity to be done in the mountains around Antalya every day of the year. In terms of climate and geographic location, mountaineering is a very entertaining sport in Antalya. Participants in this sport, accompanied by professional guides and climbers, can experience both summer and winter months on the same day. Those who want to do mountaineering are advised to read the mountaineering instructions before they start and follow what the guides say. The main climbing points in and around Antalya:



Antalya Kızlar Sivrisi 3086 meters
Akdag Uyluk Tepe 3051 meters
Boz Burun Mountain 2505 meters
Tahtali Mountain 2155 meters
Akdag 3024 meters
Alaca Mountain 2336 meters

Saklıkent Ski Resort:

Saklikent ski resort is located on Beydaglari, 50 km away from Antalya city centre. Saklıkent, the ski resort of Antalya, is one of the rare places in the world that allows you to experience two different seasons on the same day. You can both ski and sunbathe on the shores of Antalya on the same day.

Skiing in Saklıkent ski resort usually starts at the end of December and ends in March. Snow thickness varies between 100 and 230 cm, while the top of the mountain can reach 5 meters of snow thickness. There are 500 chalets in the ski resort for those who want to stay. The air temperature is -5 degrees during the day and at -9 to -10 degrees at night.

Due to its structure, Saklıkent Ski Center has very suitable slopes for both beginners and professionals. Transportation to the Saklikent ski resort, which is 1 hour away from the Antalya coast, is provided by private vehicles.

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