Hierapolis Amphitheater

The construction of the 1800-year-old Hierapolis Amphitheater began in the second half of the 1st century AD and was completed in 150 years.  Hierapolis Amphitheater is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Theater was built on the hillside. The theatre has 50 seats and the seating areas are divided into 9 sections.

The restoration work started in 2010 and the works in the theatre ended in 2013. The theatre has a capacity of 12 thousand people is used today in cultural and artistic events. It is understood that the theatre was used in wild animal fights as well as gladiator fights in the ancient period. Mythological reliefs, magnificent stage building and seating areas that are not in any other theatre except Antalya Perge Theater make Hierapolis theatre special.

Among the striking reliefs in the theater: The birth of Apollo and Artemis and relief of the ritual scenes, Relief of the wars between the gods and giants, Relief of Hades, the god of the underworld, kidnapping Persephone to the underground, Entertainment scenes consisting of Dionysos, Sastry and Menards, music between Marsyas and Apollo Quiz reliefs.

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