■ İstanbul Shopping

It is possible to find all kinds of products for every budget in İstanbul which is one of the few shopping cities in the world. More than a hundred shopping malls are visited by millions of local and foreign tourists for shopping in İstanbul with its local markets, indoor and outdoor bazaar, shopping streets, and dozens of different locations. The largest shopping centre in Turkey is 168 thousand square meters, is Forum İstanbul which is followed by Mall of İstanbul. Other than shopping centres, shopping places covered bazaar, Eminonu, Egyptian bazaar.

Grand Bazaar:

Located in the Fatih district of İstanbul, the Grand Bazaar is the oldest and largest covered bazaar in the world. Founded in 1461, the covered bazaar has more than 60 streets, more than 3,000 shops selling different products, as well as cafeterias, restaurants, mosques and masjids. It has been an important trade centre since the day it was founded and maintained its density almost every day. The Grand Bazaar, built on 12 large legs, has 20 domes. The bazaar has survived many earthquakes and fires and has sections such as shops, bedesten, warehouse, inn, inn room and masjid. It is open from 08:30 to 19:00 every day except Sundays.  
Beyazıt gate, Fesciler gate, Sahaflar gate are the 3 big gates, while there are 9 different gates in total. Those who want to go to the Grand Bazaar can use the trams or any bus to Beyazıt stop.

The Egyptian Bazaar

The Egyptian Bazaar, the second largest covered bazaar of İstanbul, was founded in the 17th century and is a historical heritage of İstanbul. It was restored between the years 1940-1943 by İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality and it has reached its present appearance. The Spice Bazaar is located just behind the Yeni Mosque in Eminönü, across the Galata Bridge. The Egyptian Bazaar, which mainly sells medicinal herbs and many different kinds of spices as well as souvenirs, sweets and many other products, is open every day and is closed only on October 29 and religious holidays.
Those who want to go to the Spice Bazaar can use the tram line or those who want to come by sea should come to Eminönü by sea bus. If you want to come using municipal buses or minibuses, you must use Eminönü minibuses or buses.  

Eminonu Square:

Eminönü Square, located just across the Galata Bridge, is busy every day. Around the square, the flower market, the Egyptian Bazaar, the 66-year-old Yeni Mosque (Valide Mosque) and the ones selling fish bread on the boats are among the places to be seen. It is recommended that those who go to this place eat fish bread sold on the boats.  

Bazaars established in and around İstanbul

It is possible to find all kinds of products easily in the bazaar visited by domestic and foreign tourists and local people. In addition to the vegetables, fruits and food products grown in the region, it is very easy to find textile products and different local souvenirs in the markets established in the basement and its vicinity. Bazaar open in the early hours of the morning continue until the evening.

Monday               Feneryolu
Tuesday Kadıköy Tuesday Bazaar
Wednesday         Yeşilköy Wednesday Bazaar
Thursday           Erenköy Thursday Bazaar
Friday              Fındıkzade Friday Bazaar
Saturday            Beşiktaş Saturday Bazaar
Sunday              Beylikdüzü Sunday Bazaar

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