Urla Festivals

Various festivals are organized in different months of the year in order to make the visitors of Urla and the locals spend a more colourful day and contribute to the promotion of Urla. Every year, participation in international festivals is increasing.

Urla Herb Festival:

Every year in the 3rd week of March, the festival organizes takes place. Herb gathering, the introduction of herbs, cooking from herbs and many more activities are organized. The festival, which lasts for 2 days, also organizes student clubs and music shows to ensure that the participants enjoy the day. The aim of the festival is to recognize herbs, to respect nature and to raise the awareness of nature so that this information is passed on to future generations.

International Urla Artichoke Festival

In the last week of April, hundreds of different artichoke dishes made from local artichokes are served to the participants. Every year, colourful images are emerging with the participation of chefs from Turkey and other countries. The festival also organizes concerts, competitions, events for children and many more.

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Urla Scarecrow (Hollow) Festival

The festival, organized by the municipality of Urla, is held in the Barbaros neighbourhood in June.A visual feast is created with the scarecrows prepared by the villagers with their own hands. The aim of the festival is to increase the production in the villages by reducing the migration from village to city and to encourage the return of young people to the villages. Within the 3-day festival, exhibitions, chats, concerts, the best scarecrow competition, the best garden competition and village food tours are organized.

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The Vine-Harvest Festival: Tens of different grapes are exhibited and served to the participants within the scope of the festival which is held every year in August.One of the aims of the festival is to ensure sustainability in agricultural production.

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Nohutalan Melon Festival: Every year at the end of the first week of September, the festival takes place. In the scope of the festival, melons are exhibited and served to the participants. The main purpose of the festival was to draw attention to the importance of agricultural products and to develop regional agriculture. Concerts, various competitions and activities are organized within the scope of the festival.

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