■ Tours outside Antalya

Tours outside Antalya

Daily or longer trips to out-of-town are also organized for the holidaymakers in Antalya. Manavgat waterfalls, Side Apollon Temple, Aspendos Antique Theater, Kurşunlu waterfall and historical sites close to Antalya are the main places to be seen in daily tours around Antalya. Pamukkale, Cappadocia and Kekova – Demre are among the points to be seen during two-day or longer trips outside Alanya.

Cappadocia Tour from Antalya

It is a two-day or three-day tour for visitors of Kemer who want to visit Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Since there is not enough time in a day tour, Cappadocia tour is generally the preferred as a two-day tour and a three-day tour is recommended if you have time. Cappadocia, which is approximately 640 km away from Kemer, means Country od Beautiful Horses in the ancient language. This region, which consists of hundreds of buildings that seem to have been specially carved by the erosion of the rocks, is flooded with visitors from all over the world. Among the points suggested to be seen in Cappadocia, which is spread over a wide geography, are Devrent valley, Paşabağı, Göreme open-air museum, Uçhisar castle, Güvercinlik valley, Aşıklar valley, Avanos, Derinkuyu and Kaymaklı underground city.

Pamukkale Tour from Antalya

Also known as a cultural tour, the participants have the opportunity to see one of the oldest thermal cities in the world. Tours to Pamukkale which is approximately 275 km away from Kemer, are organized daily or as two-day tours.

Visitors to Pamukkale, which hosts many different thermal waters between 35-100 degrees, can also see the ancient city of Hierapolis and swim in the Cleopatra pool and walk on the walking path that is arranged for visitors. Visiting points include the ancient city of Hierapolis, the historic theatre, the archaeological museum, the red water, the Cleopatra pool and the stunning Pamukkale travertines.

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Ephesus Ancient City Tour from Antalya

The tour to the ancient city of Ephesus, which is approximately 450 km from Kemer, is usually a two-day tour. Some travel agencies also offer longer-term package tours covering both Pamukkale and Ephesus. Visitors to the ancient city of Ephesus are also recommended to visit the nearby village of Şirince.

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Kekova-Demre-Myra Tour from Antalya:

This tour to Kekova, which is 160 km away from Kemer, is done daily and starts early in the day. Participants are usually taken from their hotels at three a.m. (03:00) and the tour starts. Participants of the tour have the chance to see the Kekova Island which is the largest island of Turkey with no settlement on it, the sunken city around the Kekova Island, the rock tombs, Myra Ancient City, the famous Roman theatre and the church of Saint Nicholas in Myra, they also participate in one and a half-hour boat tour of Kekova.

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Anamur Tour from Antalya
In this tour to Anamur which is located 255 km away from Antalya, the participants will see the banana gardens of Anamur, the ruins of the ancient city of Anamerium, the historical Mamure castle and many more. Along the way, participants will be able to admire and photograph the beauty of the Taurus Mountains, pine forests, Mediterranean Sea and the unspoiled bays of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Manavgat Boat Tour from Antalya
One of the tours that can be done every day during the summer months is the Manavgat boat tour on the Manavgat River. Participants in Manavgat boat tour may have the chance to enjoy swimming in both fresh and saltwater at the same time. In this tour on the Manavgat River, you can see pelicans and water turtles and also the Manavgat waterfall. Those who want to sit in cafes around the waterfalls can cool off in the break as well as those who want to can take pictures of Manavgat waterfalls are able to visit the local markets.

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Manavgat Green Canyon Jeep Safari Tour from Antalya:
Those who participate in the jeep safari tour in the Manavgat region, called the green canyon, can see the fascinating view of the Manavgat River, the view of the mountainous areas covered with forests, and the various animals in the small zoo on the route. There is a swimming break in the green lake at the end of the green canyon, which is a wonder of nature, and the canoes and water bikes in the lake can be used free of charge.

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