Pamukkale and Pamukkale travertines

With more than 1 million visitors, being among the promotional places for Turkey, Pamukkale Travertines take their name from the travertines that are as white as cotton (Pamuk in Turkish). Pamukkale, which was included in the Unesco World Heritage List in 1988, fascinates those who see it as a miracle of nature.
It is possible to visit this natural wonder of an area which is formed by thermal waters coming from 320 meters depth and 17 different sources in every season. The water that has been underground for centuries is still coming out today and it is believed to be beneficial to people.  

As a result of the of calcium and carbonate in the water which has a temperature between 35 and 100 degrees and coming from the underground with oxygen, the soft gel deposits initially became hard and formed travertines. These travertines formed as natural pools which filled the water is a magnificent view that Pamukkale offers to its visitors. 

For those who come to Pamukkale by private car, parking is available for a fee at many different points. It is recommended that you start to visit Pamukkale through the ancient city of Hierapolis. Those who enjoy taking photos can take great sunset photos of Pamukkale from the viewing terraces at the end of the travertines. 

The travertines, which are open to visitors every day of the week except Mondays, can be visited between 09:00 and 17:00. Museum cardholders can enter the travertines free of charge. It is recommended that those wishing to walk on travertines should not consider walking with shoes.  

Distances to Pamukkale:

PamukkaleAntalya240 km
PamukkaleAydın136 km
PamukkaleBodrum294 km
PamukkaleDenizli22 km
PamukkaleFethiye196 km
Pamukkaleİstanbul599 km
Pamukkaleİzmir267 km
PamukkaleKuşadası253 km
PamukkaleMarmaris208 km

Where is Pamukkale?

How to get to Pamukkale?

Transportation to Pamukkale by plane The nearest airport to Pamukkale is Denizli Cardak Airport, which is 70 km away. There are regular flights to Denizli airport from Istanbul and Ankara. It is very easy to get to Pamukkale by taxi, car rental or HAVAŞ shuttles at the airport. It is also very easy to get to Pamukkale after a 40-minute journey by bus number 35 of Denizli Municipality. Denizli-Pamukkale bus service starts at 06:15 and the last bus departs at 19:40.  

Access to Pamukkale by land

Those coming from İzmir with their special vehicles should follow İzmir-Selçuk-Aydın-Nazilli-Pamukkale direction and those coming from Antalya route should follow Antalya-Korkuteli-Çavdır-Serinhisar-Denizli-Pamukkale direction.There are bus services from any point in Turkey to Pamukkale. In the morning and in the evening, many companies organize multiple bus services to Pamukkale.

Transportation to Pamukkale by train:
After approximately 12 hours train journey between Istanbul and Denizli, you can come to Denizli and reach Pamukkale by bus, minibus or taxi. 

When to go to Pamukkale?

Pamukkale can be visited every day of the year with its healing waters, ancient cities, natural beauties and great views. It is recommended that those who want to visit Pamukkale during the winter months should consider rainy weather.  Pamukkale, which attracts visitors from all over the world, is dominated by intense and hot weather, especially in July-August. April-May months are recommended for those who want to spend a quieter holiday, while those who do not like to have a holiday in hot weather are recommended to go to Pamukkale in September-October and to book accommodation in advance.

How to see Pamukkale? Since shoes are removed at the entrance to Pamukkale, visitors are advised to take bags to bring their shoes with them. You should also be careful as there are slippery areas. It is recommended that those who wish to enter the small pools on the travertines bring extra bags to put towels, shorts or swimsuits and wet swimsuits with them. During the summer months, visitors to Pamukkale are recommended to bring hats, sunscreen and sunglasses with them.  In Pamukkale, which has three entrances, those who do not like to climb uphill are recommended to enter through the south gate. Those who enter through the southern gate can first see the ancient city of Hierapolis, the ancient theatre, the ancient pool and then go to the viewing terraces to see the magnificent view of Pamukkale

Shopping in Pamukkale

You can find many world-famous home textile products produced in Denizli and purchase them. The textile products sold include fabrics produced in Denizli and dresses made from these fabrics, towels, bathrobes, carpets are woven at home looms and coloured fabrics dyed with paints obtained from various plants. Other souvenirs include Pamukkale postcards, rooster figures which is the symbol of Denizli, different types of glassware and magnet products.

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Things recommended being brought when visiting Pamukkale

* Bags to put your shoes in.

* Towel, shorts, swimsuit and bag for wet swimsuits.

* Snacks and water.

* If you want to issue a museum card, your ID card.

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Accommodation in Pamukkale

Accommodation in Pamukkale is primarily provided in the centre of Pamukkale and in the Karahayıt region. Accommodation options include thermal hotels, all-inclusive hotels, hostels, villas for rent, apartments and aparthotels. All hotels are open all year round and thermal rooms are provided with thermal water, which is believed to be curative at certain times of the day and good for rheumatic diseases. Some accommodation facilities include physiotherapy, massage, scrub, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, indoor and outdoor pool, skincare, Turkish bath and hot water therapy.  

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Eating and drinking

In Denizli and Pamukkale, which have a rich kitchen, it is possible to find dishes suitable for all kinds of the budget in restaurants and hotel restaurants. Recommended dishes; Soups from the region: Ovmaç soup, dry cowpea soup, tarhana soup and cat cowpea soup are among the local soups.

Meat dishes of the region Beef cladding, stuffed lamb made, chickpea meat, tandır kebab, stuffed lamb arm, liver wrap and tripe are among the meat dishes of the region. For those who want, different meat dishes are also available in the restaurants.

Local vegetable dishes Among the vegetable dishes in Pamukkale, kitchens are stuffed eggplant, eggplant pancakes, cowpea salad, mallow salad and a sprout salad.   

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