Places to visit in Pamukkale and around

Pamukkale Ancient City of Hierapolis

It is thought that it was founded in the 2nd century BC by the king of Pergamum Eumenes II and named after Hiera, the wife of Telephones, the founder of Bergama. It is also called the holy city because of the many religious buildings in the anci...

Hierapolis Amphitheater

The construction of the 1800-year-old Hierapolis Amphitheater began in the second half of the 1st century AD and was completed in 150 years.  Hierapolis Amphitheater is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Theater was built on the hillside. The th...

St. Philippe Martyrion Church

The church, located to the north of the ancient city of Hierapolis, was named after the apostles of Jesus and it was thought to have been built in the 4th or 5th century BC. St Philippe, who came to the reg...

Necropolis of Hierapolis:

The cemeteries located outside the city centre of Hierapolis are spread over a large area. The cemeteries, which consist of two sections, namely the North and South cemeteries, have a very different architecture. It is understood that the magnif...

Natural Park

Located at the entrance of Pamukkale travertines, Natural Park has an artificial lake, 2 swimming pools, a children’s pool and a mud pool in the private area. The water used in the pools is completely from travertines and after passing through a special treatment system, it is transferred to the pools. You can see the magnificent view of Pamukkale and the most beautiful pictures of Pamukkale can be taken from the area within the archaeological site. Especially Pamukkale travertines, which are illuminated in the evening, can be viewed from this point and photographed. There are businesses in the facility to meet the needs of eating and drinking. Museum cardholders can enter the museum free of charge.

Archaeological Museum of Hierapolis:

The museum in the ancient city of Hierapolis is located at the end of the Victory Road. The building, which was used as a Roman bath, began to be used as a museum in 1984. In the museum, which consists of 3 large halls, artefacts found in and around the ancient city of Hierapolis, as well as artefacts found in nearby ancient cities are being exhibited.   The artefacts removed from the Beycesultan mound and exhibited in the museum are among the most important artefacts of the Bronze Age.   Sculptures, sarcophagi, tombstones, reliefs representing gladiator and bullfights, Sidemara sarcophagus, which are considered the most important artefacts of the museum, candles arranged in alphabetical order, pots, windows, jewellery, relief artefacts said to belong to Artemis and Apollo, small-scale artefacts and other artefacts from the ancient theatre are exhibited.

Visiting hours: From April 15th to October 2nd, between 08:00 and 19:00. From October 3rd to April 14th between 08:00 and 17:00. Museum cardholders can enter the museum free of charge.

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The ancient Pool Was Formed by

The ancient pool was formed by the collapse of the columns on the street and the filling of the water in the pit formed by the earthquake that occurred in the 7th century BC. The water temperature of the po...

Karahayit Thermal Springs

Located 5 km north of Pamukkale, the village of Karahayıt and its hot springs which are known to be rich of iron mineral and to be beneficial for many diseases, is visited by thousands of people. It is also known as Karahayit Kizil Su which has red water with a temperature between 50 and 58 Celsius degrees. There are also spa hotels for those who want to benefit from the thermal springs that are known to benefit the circulatory system, liver and gall bladder diseases as well as thermal springs which has treatment sessions for those who want to use the spas by staying short or long term.  Hot springs are used in many diseases as well as in skin diseases, skincare, cellulite treatment and pore opening treatment. 

Those who want to come to Karahayıt by private car can reach by following Denizli-Pamukkale road and following the signs. There are minibuses departing from Denizli bus station to Karahayıt.

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