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Climbing all over the world as it is developing in Turkey and is growing by adding different routes to the site every year. Mountaineering, which is an activity for staying alone with nature and getting to know nature, is a developing sport in Serik. As Turkey was able to do this sport at many different points, the Antalya region is one of the best vantage points for this sport. Mountaineering is mostly carried out in the form of climbing and hiking. Serik provides favourable conditions for this sport due to its geographical location and nature.

Hunting and fishing tours

Although Serik has 22 km of coastline, fishing has been a livelihood for many years, but due to the rapidly developing tourism and the establishment of touristic facilities on the shores, fishing has been halted in Serik. Boat fishing has turned towards tourism fishing or yacht tour tourism with the effect of tourism. Although fishing has been disrupted, Serik has an important place in both sea and freshwater fishing. Local and foreign visitors coming to Serik can go fishing tours with professional guides and catch the Mediterranean fish. Among the fish that can be caught are lagos, sea bass, mullet, sinarit, sand steenbras, sea bream, red mullet, goby, stone grid, caracal, coral, bream, ispari, tongue fish, butts, leer, tuna, swordfish and lambuka.

Since 2013, Gebiz, Akçapınar, Gökçepınar, Etler, Yumaklar, Akbaş, Karataş and Bucak villages of Serik have been turned into hunting areas and wild animal hunting has been started in this region with guides. In the following years, hunting tourism, partridge, quail, European turtle dove, Eurasian woodcock, duck and goose hunting is also considered. Mountain goats are also hunted for a fee in the high parts of the region.

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Serik is an indispensable point for Orienteering enthusiasts with its location and magnificent nature. This sport can be done by running or walking to get away from the stress of daily life and be alone with nature. Orienteering, which is a direction-finding sport, can be attended by people of all ages as well as in all kinds of terrain. In the Gebiz district of Serik, there is also a direction-finding course where International Orienteering Days competitions are held.

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Jeep Safari

In this tour made with jeeps or off-road vehicles, ancient cities are visited on the roads with full of history and magnificent scenery at the foot of Taurus Mountains. Tour participants can get fresh air in untouched nature, take lots of pictures and complete the day with great food. 

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Serik St. Paul Walking Route

St. Paul’s second long walking trail hiking path Turkey is a walking route of 500 km. Although the walking path of St. Paul is not as popular as the Lycian Way, it has attracted the attention of local and foreign nature and hiking lovers in recent years. Saint Paul, who was on his way to spread Christianity, followed this route during his journey. There are also short stages of Saint Paul walking route, which is a 27-day walking route. Perge is the starting point of this route, which has two different starting points. Magnificent nature and history await hikers on the hiking route. During the summer months, hikers will find plenty of opportunities to cool off and swim. Participants can stay in camps or at selected points in hotels and motels. Starting from sea level, this route can go up to 2200 meters and there are also two different routes that climb up to 2800 meters.The hiking spots include the Köprülü canyon, the ancient Roman city, the Uçansu waterfalls, the ancient city of Pednelissos and the magnificent nature. Those who want to walk should definitely take water, GPS device, hat, glasses, shoes necessary for hiking and clothing. It is strongly discouraged to go alone on this march, and the gendarmerie or the police must be informed before the march.  

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