Festivals held in İstanbul

İstanbul is a city of festivals with a population of more than 15 million. It is possible to attend an international festival in İstanbul almost every month of the year in summer and winter. Festivals are organized in parks, historic sites or seaside areas during the summer months in closed spaces or halls during the winter months. Among the festivals held in İstanbul are İstanbul International Dance Festival, İstanbul Film Festival, İstanbul International Music Festival, İstanbul Chill-Out Festival, İstanbul International Puppet Festival, International İstanbul Opera Festival, İstanbul Jazz Festival, İstanbul Shopping Festival, İstanbul Sahaf Festival, İstanbul Design Biennial.

İstanbul International Dance Festival:

Within the scope of the festival organized in April, dance shows and competitions are held for three days at different points each year. Europe-Asia-Latin America and the dance festival with the participation of different groups from Turkey colourful images are emerging. Before the festival, information about the festival can be easily reached via the internet. 

 İstanbul Film Festival:

İstanbul Culture and Art Foundation has been organizing the festival since 1981. Within the scope of the 2-week festival, many Turkish and foreign films of different categories are shown in various movie theatres. Information and tickets about the festival are published and sold on the website before the festival.

İstanbul Music Festival:

Within the scope of the festival organized in May, artists from all over the world meet with their fans and give concerts. Information about the festival is published on the website in advance.

İstanbul Chill-Out Festival:

The festival, which has been held every year since May 2006, lasts 2 days. Within the scope of the festival, many music concerts and concerts of punk music are performed in harmony with nature.

 İstanbul International Puppet Festival:

Since 1998, the puppet shows of local and foreign participants have been organized within the scope of the festival which is held every year in May. With the participation of more than 300 puppet groups, colourful shows emerge, and thanks to the festival, many groups come together to joint projects on puppet art and increase the interest in puppet art.         

 International İstanbul Opera Festival:

The festival, which is held in the historical places of İstanbul, has been held since 2010. The festival, which is held every year in June, meets the lovers of world-famous opera artists. 

 İstanbul Jazz Festival:

İstanbul jazz festival, which has been organized since 1994, is organized in the first week of July. Within the scope of the festival, concerts are given to jazz lovers in various historical places of İstanbul.

İstanbul Shopping Festival:

Within the scope of the festival which is organized every year in June, special discounts are applied for shopping lovers in the covered bazaar, shopping centres and many other places. Information about the festival and discount points are announced on the internet before the festival. 

 İstanbul Sahaf (Second-hand Book Seller) Festival

Within the scope of the festival organized in September and October, old books, records, postcards and many other products are sold at very cheap prices. The festival is organized in districts such as Beyoğlu, Kadıköy and Üsküdar.

İstanbul Design Bienal festival

Organized every two years in October, the festival exhibits designs in many different fields such as architecture, biology, sociology, gastronomy, pedagogy, ecology, technology and economics and provides information about the designs. The festival, which is free of charge, takes place at different locations and lasts approximately 2 weeks.

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